Making Cozy with Indoor Fireplaces

We have about seven (I don’t remember the exact number) marble fireplaces in our home. Yes, it’s a little excessive (I think) but to be fair most of them are decorative and have no function whatsoever. There’s nothing that brings more warmth into a home during these crisp autumn days than a fireplace flickering away. Oh- add a fall-scented candle to the mix and you’re in autumn heaven.

Le Zoe Musings Home_Fireplace 2

The picture above shows the one in our dining room which was taken this past spring. Thankfully, we’ve gotten rid of this dinky little dining table (finally!) and replaced it with a stunning beauty that seats eight from Restoration Hardware.

Le Zoe Musings Home_Fireplace

Here’s the view from our living room. We’ve yet to use this fireplace and honestly don’t even know if it functions although there are tell tale signs of previous usage.

Below are some gorgeous indoor fireplaces that I’ve collected from my Pinterest board, Abode. Some are functional, some are purely decorative but they are all inspiring and oh so cozy!

Fireplace Mantel 2via

Fireplace Mantel 3via

Fireplace Mantelvia

Fireplace Mantel 4via

Fireplace Mantel 5via

Fireplace Mantel 6via

Fireplace Mantel 7via

Fireplace Mantel 8via

Fireplace Mantel 9via

Fireplace Mantel 10via

fireplace mantel 11via

Fireplace Mantel by Le Zoe Musings

Last but not least, here’s a peek at the one in our living room.

And, life lately on Instagram: 1. what I nibbled on while writing this post 2. down memory lane: Zoey @ the Boston Harbor Hotel heading to afternoon tea  3. our dining room with the new dining table!

Instagram_Le Zoe Musings

Hope you’ve enjoyed this home decor post. Have a wonderful Monday!

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings


8 thoughts on “Making Cozy with Indoor Fireplaces

  1. Wow! Love all the fireplaces! They’re the best when it starts to become fall. I guess that’s also the perk in not living in a new home. Love your blog!


    1. Hi Audrey! Basically, one in almost every room of the house including the kitchen. We live in an older home so I think back then houses were built that way! Have a great day. Kellie


      1. i agree with you… i used to live in brockton {do you know where that is?!} when i was young, and i still have vivid memories of our home… seems many of the houses there just have all these unique features and little nooks and crannies… we had an attic and a huge sunroom in our place and it was so cool as a kid! 🙂
        always enjoy your blog – blow new england a big kiss for me! xxoo


  2. Can I please live in your house? Hoping that one day I can decorate a house to make it just as beautiful (in a smaller apartment at the moment)! Thanks for sharing these lovelies photos!


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