Cranberry Festival 2015

I can’t believe it has been exactly three years since we’ve gone to the annual Cranberry Festival. The drive back to the tiny town of Wareham was nostalgic. Last time, it was  just the three of us- me, hubs, and Zoey. This time around, we have Mr. Axel joining us.

Fall festivities in New England are very magical. There are so much to see and do. The experience is always better with the little ones because you get to see all the wonders of autumn through their eyes.

Here’s our Cranberry Festival adventure this past weekend…

93 IMG_0821rp

3 IMG_0692rp

The festival is also a great learning experience. You get to see how they are harvested.

5 IMG_0711rp

96 IMG_1043rp

91 IMG_0810rp

95 IMG_0708rp

Axel was being a rascal the entire time. He didn’t want to take any pictures whatsoever. It’s surprising that this one came out so nice (and Zoey looked away…)!

92 IMG_0816rp

4 IMG_0693rp

9 IMG_0808rp

cranberry_le zoe musings

8 IMG_0774rp

95 IMG_1040rp

6 IMG_0736rp

Axel was just not feeling his sister’s love!

2 IMG_0688rp

94 IMG_0849rp

Zoey was such a cutie and at the end of the trip said “Mommy, I had so much fun today”! She also got to ride on a pony, Thomas the train, and swings. More pics of our amazing fall day to come!

Looking back, three years ago…

Cranberry Festival _Le Zoe Musings_2012_2

Hope you are enjoying all the great things that fall has to offer. Have a wonderful Monday!

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