Halloween 2015

It makes me sad that Halloween has come and gone. This marks the beginning of the holiday season which I’m still not ready for. It’s not that I’m not in the holiday spirit; it’s the fact that time is flying by so fast. This means only one thing- the kiddos are growing up much quicker than I would like.

Here’s a glimpse at our Halloween this past weekend…

Halloween_Le Zoe Musings

Axel was so grouchy and refused to walk on his own.  This was the beginning of the evening when the festivity was just about to begin.

Halloween_Le Zoe Musings6

Prior to that, we decorated our front steps. We bought five scarecrows that morning and dressed them all up in Zoey’s princess dresses. Each scarecrow was a different princess for Halloween. This was daddy’s idea! Next year, we plan to dress them all based on characters in a certain movie.

Halloween_Le Zoe Musings4

Following the scarecrow’s footsteps, Zoey was also a princess. She was Elsa.

Halloween_Le Zoe Musings9

And Axel was a dragon! There you have it- our 2015 Halloween. Hope yours was fabulous.

In other news, here’s life on Instagram: 1. dream mirror was added to my home office this past weekend 2. simply yogurt, whipped cream, and almond slices 3. all jeweled up.

Instagram_Le Zoe Musings

Have Instagram? Would love to see you follow along! Mine HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings


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