DIY Holiday Ice Bucket

We don’t get to host Thanksgiving dinner as much as I’d like. Usually, we would travel out of state to either my family or the hubs’. This year, however, we are hosting for the second time- ever. It’s nice to start building holiday traditions with the kids. While it’ll be freezing outside, inside our kitchen will be warm and cozy. We’re gonna be busy bustling and whipping up traditional meals with Zoey and Axel.

I don’t know about you, but I know how I’ll be keeping our champagne nice and chilled. This DIY Holiday Ice Bucket is so fun, festive, and such a pretty way to keep your drinks cold as ice!

DIY Holiday Ice Bucket by Le Zoe Musings

Um…why so fancy? Believe me, it looks way more complicated than it is. Making this is as simple as 1,2,3. I promise.

DIY Holiday Ice Bucket by Le Zoe Musings6

A little quick tip, place the ice bucket on a plate or platter that has a little lip. This way, it’ll catch all the drippings.

DIY Holiday Ice Bucket by Le Zoe Musings7

So here’s how to make this fabulous Holiday Ice Bucket! First things first, gather your supplies. Honestly, I just grabbed whatever I had in the fridge which was rosemary, sage, and pomegranate. When I realized that those were probably not enough, I dug deep into my X-mas box and found gold ribbons, plastic berries and dried pine cones. Initially, I had envision making this out of all fresh ingredients. As you can see, this was not the case.

DIY Holiday Ice Bucket by Le Zoe Musings8

You will also need a bucket, a tupperware, and some weights. I used a small beach bucket and for weights you can use anything that’ll weigh the tupperware down when water is added. Rocks are ideal. Again, what I found around the house was what I used. For weights, I used hinges.

DIY Holiday Ice Bucket by Le Zoe Musings9

The image above is self-explanatory. Put the tupperware in the center of the bucket. Stuff all of your holiday decor stuff between the bucket and tupperware. Add water and let freeze overnight.

Once frozen, remove the bucket by simply runing it under warm water and it’ll slide right off. I didn’t bother removing the inner tupperware so I just left it in there as a container to hold the wine.

DIY Holiday Ice Bucket by Le Zoe Musings4

As you can probably tell, I used the entire pomegranate- peel and all! I think it adds great texture. Also, the gold ribbon came out so perfect. It gives it a glitzy glam look. I purposely left the tip of the berries above the waterline. Hope you’ll give this a try! There are so many variations. Get creative.

In Instagram news- 1. a no fail way to make the foamiest of foam cup of latte 2. our bedroom fireplace & louboutin 3. Zoey prancing in her nighgown & a self-made crown.

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Happy Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Ice Bucket

  1. Hey cute friend! You might have already been nominated, since your blog is super amazing. But I just want to tell you that I nominated you as well! For the Creative Blogger Award. So thank you for being amazing!! And the post is here


  2. I am sooo not artsy, but I totes feel a craft coming on. THIS, my friend, is fabulous! Now, if my attempt ends up looking like a Kindergarten project, you will make one for me, yes?


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