Sleeping with Eve

Christmas came early with Eve and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our bedroom has really become our family room- literally. We spend mornings in bed cuddling with the kids and watching their favorite shows. At night, there are bedtime stories and more of watching their favorite shows. The bed itself doubles as our ‘family couch’ and its quality has to be the best for my little family.

Sleeping With Eve

Packaging is everything. When Eve arrived at our doorsteps, it was in this cheery yellow box with the cutest inspirational quotes. But that’s not all, you also get this ‘Welcome to the eve family booklet’ that tells you all about this supportive memory foam mattress. The one thing that stood out to me was that it came with a 10 (yes, TEN) year guarantee.

Sleeping With Eve 2

It’s also the most beautifully crafted mattress I’ve ever laid my eyes on. “Every element has been carefully designed and crafted by a team of British designers and mattress experts, from the beautiful box to the inserts – every aspect of the journey has been turned on its head and simplified.”

Sleeping With Eve 4

Zoey was the cutest.  She was reading us the pamphlet as if we were her pupils hence showing us pictures and pointing out certain imagery that stood out to her.

Sleeping With Eve 7

Sleeping With Eve 3

Our little teacher.

Sleeping With Eve 5

You may haven’t heard about Eve. It’s because until recently, it’s been sold exclusively in the UK. Here’s some info: “The eve mattress is a foam mattress and combines 3 different types of foam to one ridiculously comfortable mattress. The bottom layer is a 17cm ultra-resilient base foam, the middle layer is made from 4cm highest quality, luxurious memory foam and the top layer is 4cm natural latex which is antimicrobial and adds bounce. This sandwich makes for an incredible cloud-like sleeping experience, supports in all the right places and helps prevent aches and pains.”

Eve is now available in the US! For a limited time, you can also get $100 off just by entering your email HERE.

Sleeping With Eve 6

To visit Eve and learn more about how this great mattress can give you happy mornings-everyday, please click HERE.

#EveryGreatDay. Have a wonderful Monday!

**Sponsored post by Eve

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