Catching Up on Me-Time

It’s hard sometimes to catch my breath. I feel like I’m always running around with a million things on my to-do list and each day the list grows bigger and bigger. Most of the time, I put the pressure on myself as I like to stay busy and sitting still makes me a little uneasy.

There are times when I’m at my breaking point and really have to remind myself to slow down, take a breath, stop being so uptight, and just relax. Item #56 on the  to-do list can wait for another hour or the next day even- as long as no one gets hurt and it’s not a life or death situation (most of the time, it isn’t!).

Catching Up on Me-Time by Le Zoe Musings2

I’ve made a more conscious effect to carve at least 15 minutes out of each day to reset.  That goal is getting a little easier because the weather is getting so cold that I just want to stay cozy in bed, grab my hot cup of tea, and either read something light or catch up with my favorite shows.

Speaking of catching up on favorite shows, NBC TVE has made it easy to watch any NBC show- anytime anywhere. Whether in bed or at a cafe, the NBC TVE app allows you to watch the latest full episodes of NBC shows the day after they air on any device. All you have to do is press play. Say goodbye to hitting record!

Catching Up on Me-Time by Le Zoe Musings3

Regardless of your method of decompressing, I think it’s important to think about ‘me’ once in a while. After all, you can’t take care of your loved ones without first taking care of yourself.

Catching Up on Me-Time by Le Zoe Musings5

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

In other news, life on Instagram lately- 1. I’ve decked out our living room mantel 2. hubs cooking Thanksgiving dinner 3. Zoey helped decorate our X-mas tree!

instagram le zoe musings

Have a wonderful day!

**post sponsored by NBC.

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6 thoughts on “Catching Up on Me-Time

  1. Me time is very important! So important that I forget to remind myself of doing it :))

    *Following! Follow back!*


  2. I felt that way for years. Finally my husband and I decided to sell our house and simplify focusing on just the things we want in our lives, a view, religion, and each other. He works and I volunteer and we spend time in search of new places to see.


  3. Like the idea of carving out 15 minutes – everyone should be able to find that amount of time


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