My Kitchen Fireplace: Before and After

My husband has done it again! He completely built our kitchen from scratch! All we had was an empty room and a whole lot of vision. For the past two years, we’ve been cooking and eating in our basement kitchen. It was such an inconvenience. We finally finished renovating the main kitchen- at least enough so to move in! Finally, being able to cook in a kitchen that’s on the same level as the dining room and living room is such a luxury.

I’ll share more details about the whole space later but today I’m focusing on the kitchen mantel. Here’s a before picture:


I wish I could show you how the fireplace really looked like previously. Imagine the entire wall covered in green paint with colorful flower grandma wallpaper. This before picture was actually when we’ve already removed all the wallpaper and repainted the room.

And here’s the after…

Kitchen Mantel by Le Zoe Musings3

We hung an original antique mirror from the 1800’s to keep consistent with our house’s character. The only qualm that I have about it is that it appears to have two layers of mirror (if that makes any sense) so there’s always streaks from the inside mirror no matter how much we clean it. Any suggestions on to resolve this?

Kitchen Mantel by Le Zoe Musings4

It’s a miracle but the dahlias from our backyard are still thriving in this really cold New England weather.

Kitchen Mantel by Le Zoe Musings5

Decorating with the things I  love…

Kitchen Mantel by Le Zoe Musings6

I can’t wait to share more of the space as we complete the rest of our kitchen projects.  Below’s a peek at our sink area (missing backsplash). The goal? Going minimal!! After years of living in a house that’s been under renovation (and still is), I’m so sick of clutter.

Kitchen by Le Zoe Musings

In cased you’ve missed it, here’s a post of our bathroom vanity makeover. Again my husband made something incredible out of nothing! Click HERE to read.

Have a wonderful day!

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8 thoughts on “My Kitchen Fireplace: Before and After

  1. So pretty! I love the minimalist kitchen! This time of year is so fun and I love the decor but come january I just need my space back!


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