DIY Snow Globe Village

Right after Thanksgiving, the kids and I worked on assembling gingerbread houses. We ended up making four mini-gingerbread houses, displayed them on a cake stand, popped a lid over them and called them our little snow globe gingerbread village. To add to the snow globe theme, I also made additional snow globes using cooking jars, fake snow, and  just a few little cute holiday decor.

DIY Snow Globe Village by Le Zoe Musings3

If you are looking for fun holiday activities to do with your cuties, I would suggest making these snow globes, especially the gingerbread village. You can’t go wrong with activity time and lots of candy! Mess-free no guarantee.

DIY Snow Globe Village by Le Zoe Musings5

Creating these cookie jar snow globes is pretty simple. You can add whatever you want in them. I used a combination of artificial and fresh (greenery with berries) X-mas decor.

DIY Snow Globe Village by Le Zoe Musings4

I’m loving this thrifted buffet table that we scored just for ten dollars! We gave it a little makeover and it has become one of my favorite pieces in our dining room. Its function is so versatile, I’ve used it to display decor (as seen above) or as a dessert station (as seen in the Thanksgiving post HERE). If you want to see how it was transformed from trash to treasure, click HERE for the diy makeover post.

Another diy favorite of mine is our dining room chalkboard. I change its content based on events and my mood. It doubles as a great beautifully crafted menu board. To see how we made this chalkboard from scratch, please click HERE.

DIY Snow Globe Village by Le Zoe Musings2

I bought these mini X-mas tree and snow angel stands from CVS for three dollars each. What’s cool about them is that they light up using LED lights. There’s a switch at the bottom of each one. At night, we turn them on and see the light changes colors from a range of bright white to purple.

DIY Snow Globe Village by Le Zoe Musings

Here’s our snow angel glowing at night. So so magical!

In Instagram news- 1. Zoey making a wish to our glowing snow angel, click HERE to see the action! 2. Oh my man, the foam on my latte- so thick & creamy… 3. My white & cozy ensemble the other day.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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