Keep Your Home Bright During the Winter

We all go through it. During the holidays, everything appears the happiest, brightest, and cheeriest. After the holidays, you allow things to settle down a bit. And then it happens, the darkest of winter days keep coming and coming. Sunlight disappears at 4pm. It’s bitter cold outside. Your mood is blah and you are now in this funk that feels endless.

Don’t fret! Below are a few tips that can help ease or even prevent that from happening to you. The key is making sure your home is as comfortable during the winter as it is any other season. Please enjoy this guest post by Holly Tomlison, an avid dog lover!

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Warm up your design scheme and keep your home looking bright all winter long with these excellent decorating tips that incorporate the best of the season while making your home look welcoming for any guests you might receive.

Winter Cleaning

Brighten up your space by purging your home of unnecessary items and giving it a good scrubbing. If you don’t have the time or energy to clean, believe me you’re not alone. If your budget can handle it, consider hiring a cleaning crew to come in and get your space ready for any holiday guests that might be on their way. Don’t just do it for guests, however; a clean space leads to a clear mind and less stress, so it could be the thing you need to get you into the right head space for all of your festivities.

Make it Cozy

Make sure your home is winter-prepared with comfy blankets and cozy pillows that will make braving cold temperatures easier than ever before. It’s especially important that you make it cozy for any guests that might be coming to stay or simply stopping by in the upcoming weeks.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

While winter can sometimes feel barren in terms of plant life depending on where you live, you can still bring in nature to liven up your living space—quite literally. Don’t feel like you can’t incorporate summery themes or blooms. Get some happy sunflowers from your local florist or order them online for delivery straight to your door. If you’d like to stick with winter plants, consider a beautiful wreath or the branches from a fir tree in a vase for a modern, rustic look.

Decorate with Warm Colors

Reds, yellows, and oranges can be used to liven up décor and give a warm feel to a space, and luckily, Thanksgiving decorations are rife with these colors. You can often find many of these colors in discounted items right after the Thanksgiving holidays, just in time for your winter décor needs.

Be Careful With Your Textiles

While it’s a smart move to add heavier curtains to your windows in the winter—it keeps the cold out to cut down on heating costs—don’t fall into the trap of choosing colors that will make your living room feel like a dungeon. White curtains look elegant and still do the trick as long as they’re made with a thick material. You can also stick to our aforementioned colors like yellow and red for a pop of vibrancy that will keep you and your guests feeling bright and cheery while keeping those chilly drafts outside where they belong.

Foot Comfort

Make sure your toes are kept comfortable and expand the feel of your room with a well-selected area rug. The bigger the rug the larger your room will feel. Even if you already have carpet, the added design will bring new life to any design scheme and add the appearance of more floor space. Plus, the extra layer of plush is sure to have your feet feeling warm and cradled even in the coldest months. No more triple layering your socks!

Lighten Up This Winter

Sitting in the dark can be depressing, especially when daylight hours wane during the winter months. Brighten up your mood with the right lighting. The best thing you can do to improve light sources in any area of the house is to use a layering technique. Floor lamps, ceiling lamps, and even string lights can be used in conjunction to bring a warm feel to your home. Another lighting source you might not have already considered is strategically placed candles. While you always have to be sure to blow them out, the lovely scent wafting from a bright candle on your hearth will make every home feel relaxed and inviting. If open flame makes you nervous, consider any of the many electronic candles that look almost identical to the real deal.

Reflections Are Key

Mirrors can open up any space, and during the winter you want to avoid feeling boxed in. Add mirrors of different shapes and sizes for a décor addition that will brighten your home and reflect all the new lighting you’ve found. Plus, it’ll sure make it easy to check your makeup before you run out for your latest holiday shindig!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post and learned a few great tips!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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