Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve and I still don’t have everything ready. Most presents are still hidden and unwrapped, we haven’t baked cookies for Santa and we’ve yet to figure out where to go tomorrow night for church service.

The old churches in Boston are so incredibly gorgeous and massive- we like to hop around each year to take in the Christmas Eve magic. Everything about the night is a child’s dream come true. The whole experience is so angelic and magical, especially the Christmas caroling. One year, one of the churches handed out angel wings for each child to wear during the service.


In other semi-related holiday news, the kids’ holiday pics were half successful. Axel wasn’t having it so we just managed a few pics with Zoey.

While the kids were helping out with Christmas decorations, Zoey sat inside one of the wreaths for fun. Then I thought- ahaha! Why not take their holiday pics with them sitting inside the wreaths?! I guess it wasn’t such a great idea after all since Axel left the scene wayyyy early.

Happiest holiday!

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