On Christmas Eve…

Christmas has come and gone but the memories still linger on. It was nice to finally be home this Christmas and start building holiday traditions with the kids.

On Christmas Eve, while Axel was still in school- Zoey and I baked cookies for Santa. We made a plate of cookies, milk, and some carrots (for Rudolph & crew) accompanied by a ‘Dear Santa’ letter and placed it under Zoey’s personal Christmas tree.

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Zoey was excited to bake cookies for Santa. Here she is with her tray of cookies all ready for the oven!

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Later in the day we picked up Axel, met up with daddy and headed into the city for a music festival, church service and dinner.


The night was festive, magical and filled with many Christmas goers.

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Mr. Axel.

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Ms. Zoey.

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On our way to church, we passed by a few fancy shops on Newbury Street. Zoey was mesmerized by the christmas tree at Tiffany’s.

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I was in awe with the church that we went to. Pictures do not do it justice. All the architecture details were straight from a magazine. I can’t wait to explore more churches in the city. They are all so breathtakingly gorgeous.

When we went home, the kids found out that Santa and the reindeers ate the cookies and carrots. In their place were two boxes- one for Zoey and one for Axel. They’ve received matching pajamas to sleep in on Christmas Eve. They were thrilled and couldn’t sleep soon enough so that Christmas could come.

And here are more snippets of our Christmas eve on Instagram:

lezoemusings instagramHope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

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13 thoughts on “On Christmas Eve…

  1. Stunning photos! We like to give the kids new pajamas on Christmas Eve as well. We got up at 3am to watch the sunrise on Haleakala this year, so our kids were already asleep by the time evening came. It was our first year for them to not wake up with new pjs on in their Christmas morning photos. Oh well…we made some memories that day, anyway. ❀

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    1. It was! The weather wasn’t so terribly cold that evening so we were able to stroll the city and took in all the Christmas lights and festivities. Happy holidays to you! Best, Kellie

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