The Z Update

I haven’t done a Zoey update in the longest time. My young lady is now almost 4.5 years old. She’s grown to be such a well-behaved, polite and outspoken little person. Yes, although she can get down lo’ shaking her thang as seen HERE, she is full of class and grace.

When Zoey first started pre-k, I was so worried that she would get bullied (b/c she’s so tiny) and wouldn’t know what to do. It’s one of those mommy fears that’s always in the back of your mind. Well, my fear turned into reality one day but I was so so so proud of how she handled it.

She told me one day after school that her ‘mean’ classmate pushed her and threw a book at her. She immediately went to her teacher and told the teach what happened. Zoey then said that the teach put the ‘mean’ classmate in a corner for timeout. I was so proud of Zoey at that moment because she stood up for herself, didn’t make a scene, and was confident enough to go about her business like nothing happened.

Truthfully, I was heartbroken but Zoey acted like all was swell! It didn’t faze her one bit.

I hope she continues to grow with pride and confidence and knows how to defend herself at times when necessary. Now, I don’t mean physical defense but she does know martial arts so don’t mess!

zoey karate

Here’s Ms. Z making bold and stylish statements on mommy’s instagram.

Zoey on Instagram

And this is my all-time favorite pic of mommy & me:

Mommy and Me

To see Zoey’s daily adventures, please follow me on Instagram HERE.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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