10 Awesome Workspaces

For many of us, spending time in the office whether at home or at the workplace takes up a big chunk of our day. It’s an important space and the vibe, color and feel can impact your creativity and productivity.

Here are 10 awesome workspaces worth drooling over…

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Stylist Mette Bonavent

I love how this space has so much natural light. Can you imagine working in an office that has absolutely no windows?!

Workspace 2

Although this office is fairly narrow and small, they’ve done a great job at maximizing the square footage. A long narrow desk against the wall does the trick. Loving those indoor window plants!

Workspace 3

This farmhouse dining table doubling as an office table is everything.

Workspace 4

Bright, white, simple, decluttered- everything I love in one room.

Workspace 5

I can gawk at those detailed wall moldings all day long. Oh- and the high celings, absolutely to die for!

Workspace 6

Can you imagine working in this spacious loft space?! Heaven.

Workspace 7

A beautiful home office with office chairs that pop.

Workspace 8

You had me at white brick walls.

Workspace 9

I love the combination of the light wood, metallic bulb and everything else white.

Workspace 10

This office space just leaves me breathless.

Do you have an inspiring workspace to create and produce your best work everyday? If not, make some mental notes. Next time you’re planning an office makeover, I hope you get inspired by these gorgeous offices.

Have a great Tuesday!

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7 thoughts on “10 Awesome Workspaces

  1. These are beautiful. For obvious reasons I have a very meager writing space but at least I have a huge window. Sometimes there is too much glare! 😉

    Someday will have a tree view!


  2. I agree, windows are everything in an office space. We put in two windows on a windowless wall just so I had more light for working. Now I’m considering a third window in another room. I sure crave light! Thanks for sharing these inspiring places.


  3. I’m moving into a new house this month, with space for well, office space. Your post makes me even more excited. Thank you!


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