Outfit Inspired by Motorola x Jonathan Adler

I was recently asked during an interview- “Is there a particular person or thing that inspires you?” My answer was “No, I can be inspired by anyone or anything.” Whether it’s that gorgeous cup of morning coffee or a beautifully dressed woman dashing off to work- I find inspiration from anyone, anytime, or anywhere.

I don’t think that you can limit your source of inspirations just like you can’t put a limit on creativity.

Currently, I’m inspired by these chic and timeless Jonathan Adler phone designs for Motorola’s new Moto X Pure Edition smartphones. They are completely customizable- perfect for the style-savvy.

Below is an outfit that I put together inspired by one of Jonathan Adler’s phone designs.

Fashion Inspired by Jonathan Adler

I love the white base color with pops of magenta and purple. Here’s the complete Motorola x Jonathan Adler’s phone collection:

Phone collection

Which one is your favorite design and what typically inspires you?

To learn more about these one of a kind, beautifully crafted smartphones please click HERE.

Have a great Thursday!

** Sponsored by Motorola.

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