DIY Hot Chocolate Dippers

Winter in Boston is no joke although this year it has been very mild- relatively speaking. When it’s cold and snowing, staying in bed with your jammies and sipping on something warm is ideal. I’m often found with a hot mug of tea or (decaf) latte literally around the clock.

My little ones love hot chocolate. We often make it quite quickly by warming up soy milk since they are both lactose intolerant and adding a healthy dose of chocolate syrup. Stir it and voila! Hot chocolate at your service!

This time, I’ve decided to make their hot chocolate experience a lot more fun and sweet! These Hot Chocolate Dippers will bring the glisten to any child’s eyes and more ooohh’s and aaahh’s than you’ve ever heard in your entire adult life.

Hot Chocolate Dippers by Le Zoe Musings 2

These dippers look fancy schmancy but they are really easy to make. You’ll need tiny solo cups, lollipop sticks, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, peppermint candy, and sprinkles.

Hot Chocolate Dippers by Le Zoe Musings 4
Steps- 1. Melt the chocolate chips 2. Layer the dippers by pouring melted dark chocolate into the solo cup, add mini-marshallows, peppermint bits (crushed peppermint candy), pour melted white chocolate on top, add sprinkles 3. Insert lollipop sticks 4. Allow the dippers to set in the refrigerator for one hour 5. Remove the solo cups with scissors

Hot Chocolate Dippers by Le Zoe Musings 3

They look sooo good, right?

Hot Chocolate Dippers by Le Zoe Musings 5 copy

Now all you have to do is warm up a cup of milk and use the chocolate dippers to stir allowing all the sweet goodness to incorporate into the milk.

Hot Chocolate Dippers by Le Zoe Musings 6

Another way to enjoy them? Eat them like lollipops!

Chocolate Flavored Spoons by Le Zoe Musings

I’ve also done a different version of this last year called Chocolate Flavored Spoons. To read more about it, please click HERE.

In Instagram news- 1. Saturday morning consists of fresh linens, freshly bathed kids, & lots of bedtime cuddles 2. lovely things to send you off for the weekend 3. breakfast go to- yogurt & toppings.

Instagram by Le Zoe Musings

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Have a fabulous holiday weekend!

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19 thoughts on “DIY Hot Chocolate Dippers

  1. Hi there, how much dark chocolate would i use for one cup of hot chocolate (i.e. one dipper)


  2. Can I ask how long these would last? I think they would be a great idea to make for my kids school Christmas fayres.


  3. Thank you for sharing this! This looks mouthwatering and I’m sure ever chocolate lover would do anything to try a bit. Keep up the good posts and happy blogging!


    PS your posts are a big inspiration

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