Spring Trends 2016

We are bracing for a potential snowstorm this weekend! Spring is definitely not in the air but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the fashion trends that are hitting the stores soon. If you’ve been following the fashion scene, you probably already know what’s hot (or not) this Spring. For those of us who are more concerned about plowing snow than what to wear in the next upcoming months, sites like Vogue or MarieClaire are trustworthy to get updated on the latest fashion scoop.

I’m not a fashion expert on any level but I do know a few trends that are coming back Spring 2016. Lace, fringe or berry lips anyone?!

Hot Spring Trends 2016
I love the lace factor and would make an effort to wear more lace more often although you wouldn’t caught me dead wearing ‘lingerie’ tops for the public to see. That was for wayyyyy back when I was young and free! However, if you are not into the sexy lace appeal or dark berry lips, you’re actually in luck because Spring 2016 is bringing back a plethora of trend options that will surely satisfy your fashion fantasy. Think leather, floral maxi skirts, and ripped denim.
Have a lovely weekend!


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