A Willow and Sage Feature

Just wanted to share some happy news that my work has been featured not only in the Willow and Sage Spring 2016 magazine, but it made it on the front cover! If you are unfamiliar with the Willow and Sage publication, you need to stay in the know! Willow and Sage is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products.

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings3

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings copy

When I got my copy in the mail, I was so impressed with the quality. I love magazines with that really nice cover feel- matte heavy cardstock. Also, the photography inside the magazines is stunning. I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and to me it’s all about how something presents itself.

Truth be told, I had the copy for almost two weeks before really digging in. I don’t have that luxury to read magazines uninterrupted. So when my sister was in town last week, we took the publication to a coffee shop where we took turns flipping through the pages. It was a nice experience. Imagine outside full of snow, the cold brisk air just clears your sinuses and inside this aromatic cafe you sit, sip and read. Oh-heaven!

Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub_Le Zoe Musings 2

I’ve been making sugar scrubs on the regular since my skin gets dry and itchy during the winter. Sugar scrubs are so great at combating dry skin symptoms. In its Spring 2016 edition, Willow and Sage featured my DIY: Cherry Blossoms Sugar Scrub post. You can read and see the recipe HERE. I promise, it’s sooo easy to make.

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings4 copy

Below is a peek inside the pages of Willow and Sage. This Dreamy Milk Body Wash is definitely a girl’s dream!

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings9

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings10

On a side note.. my outfit that day. I’ve always wanted to try wearing these furry vests and jackets but feel that everyone else looks so chic in them but me! Somehow, I think I look like a bear. I added some belt action to this long vest to make me feel less bear-like!

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings5 copy

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings2 copy

Another peek inside the pages of Willow and Sage below.

Cherry Blossom Scrub_Willow and Sage_ Le Zoe Musings7

The publication is now available at Barnes & Noble and wherever magazines are sold. Grab your copy now! Btw, if you are celebrating Chinese New Year- Happy New Year! I hope that this year is your best ever.

In Instagram news- 1. Zoey donning a Vietnamese ao dai (traditional dress) for Chinese New Year 2. workspace yesterday 3. tea and some vibrant healthy snack 4. sis’s last day- comfy in the guest bedroom.

Instagram Le Zoe Musings

For my full Instagram feed, please click HERE. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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18 thoughts on “A Willow and Sage Feature

  1. Looks great… Well done! And as for the gilet (as we call them in England… and probably France!) – you look amazing! Not at all like a bear, unless it’s an incredibly chic bear! 🐻


  2. Fantastic post and it is wonderful that you are receiving the recognition you deserve! The fur jacket with boots look great, nothing even close to bear like. 😊


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