LZM Home: Photo Wall Collages

I’ve always been inspired to create photo wall collages. They are perfect as ‘art’ and at the same time add such a personal and meaningful touch to any space. I’ve seen photo wall collages in all shapes, forms and sizes so it seems like there is no wrong way to construct these.

Although we have multiple empty wall spaces in the home that can use a bit of love, there wasn’t one that we felt was worthy of converting into a photo wall collage. For the longest time, there were these two wall panels in our living room that remained blank and stale. We’ve contemplated a few decorating options including installing the same gold damask wallpaper that already existed in the room. In the end, that was a no-go because I felt there was already too much gold accents going on.

Finally, a light bulb moment. Helloooo?! What about transforming these two wall panels into photo wall collages? The stars and moon have finally aligned.

My Living Room Photo Wall Collage by Le Zoe Musings2

For months (we move slow because we are perfectionists!), we brainstormed about what the photo wall collages would be. Should they consist of random family pictures? Do we want a collection of hodgepodge frames? The end result was none of the above.

Below are some before pictures of the space.

Wall Collage 3

We decided on turning these wall panels into Boston and Paris-themed gallery walls. Both Boston and Paris were cities that were dear to our hearts. We got engaged, married, had Zoey & Axel and bought our dream home in Boston. Our honeymoon was in Paris and when Zoey turned two, we took her back to the city of love. At the time, I was also expecting Axel but didn’t know it yet. So technically, he was also in Paris with us! In addition, while we were there, we placed our love padlock on the Lover’s Bridge.

Above, the hubs hanging our pictures with Axel’s unwanted help!

My Living Room Photo Wall Collage by Le Zoe Musings6

The Boston-themed wall consists of a Boston city map, baby pictures of Zoey and Axel and a photo of us on the Longfellow bridge, where he proposed.

Baby Zoey by Le Zoe Musings

Boston engagement picture Le Zoe Musings

Baby axel picture by Le Zoe Musings

Axel when he was just six months old.

My Living Room Photo Wall Collage by Le Zoe Musings7

The Paris-themed wall consists of a Paris city map, photos from our honeymoon and of the time when we took Zoey to Paris. These include a family picture in front of the eiffel tower and Zoey and mommy at a cafe enjoying lattes, each other’s company and people watching.

Cafe_People watching_Paris_Le Zoe Musings


We made the two gallery walls mirror image of each other and opted for simple clean-lined frames. Since I couldn’t find all of the smaller frames in gold, I had to spray paint a few of them. Another note, we chose to print pictures in black and white instead of color because they add a classic and timeless feel.

My Living Room Photo Wall Collage by Le Zoe Musings3

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little home space post and the thought process behind our living room photo wall collages. This is also such a great way to finally make good use of the thousands of pictures we take!

In Instagram news- 1. Zoey and Axel- as happy as can be before their ‘surprise’ field trip for V-day 2. a sweet little Valentine’s breakfast spread for Z&A, 3. weekends are for lounging in bed and watching cooking show marathons 4. it’s bitter cold outside so we made chocolate cookies inside

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Enjoy this holiday Monday!

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8 thoughts on “LZM Home: Photo Wall Collages

  1. I love a good photo wall, it is something I’ve had throughout our years in rental as you can just blutack photos to the wall without nails (nails were against landlord’s regulations). I’m looking forward to having our own house and finally being able to assemble a wall with framed and hung pictures, I have two gorgeous B&W framed photos of my great grandparents currently sitting on a pile of books! Not ideal. I love the maps too, the whole collection is really lovely and meaningful.

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  2. What a beautiful use of the space. I really loved these home photo collages and featuring the two cities nearest and dearest to your heart! Thanks for always sharing such inspirational home DIY projects.


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