A Neo-Renaissance Style Home in Sweden

Situated in the central part of Gothenburg, Sweden is this breathtaking neo-Renaissance style home with ample windows and natural light. I am literally drooling over every detail of this stunning apartment- intricate detailed crown moldings, ceiling medallions, high ceilings and bay windows. I love how each room is sprinkled with a happy lively green plant. Oh, and did I mention it also boast this beautiful Swedish fireplace, the kakelugn?

Give me a white, light and airy space and I’m done.

Please enjoy this home tour…

Sweden Home 5Sweden Home 6Sweden Home 7Sweden Home 8Sweden Home 10Sweden Home 11Sweden Home 12Sweden Home 13Sweden Home 15Sweden Home 16Sweden Home 17Sweden Home 18Sweden HomeSweden Home18Sweden Home19

Sweden Home 2Sweden Home 3Sweden Home 4

Sweden Home 9Sweden Home 14

Sweden Home 19

Isn’t Gothenburg such a beautiful city? Definitely a place to visit! Adding to life goals. Images via

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Have a wonderful Thursday! Remember to think only positive thoughts 🙂 The rest is a waste of brain space.

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7 thoughts on “A Neo-Renaissance Style Home in Sweden

  1. Love that fireplace. It’s interesting to see such intricate details in a Swedish home. The combination of intricate details and sleek, minimalistic Swedish furnishings is wonderful.


  2. Reblogged this on vintagethrifter51.com and commented:
    I love all the architectural details in this home. It is a bit too white for me only because I am a huge klutz and would stain everything in a week. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home tour. Cheers, Michele


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