My Cafe Station

There is this special little nook in my dining room that gives me the warm fuzzies every morning. My cafe station is where I make the foamiest cup of decaf latte to start the day. I don’t drink coffee to wake me up, I drink it for the taste and experience. My sister who takes her coffee black calls me a ‘fake’ coffee drinker. Whatever you want to label me, I loveee me a frothy, creamy cup of decaf cappuccino!

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings2 copy

After creating my Tea Space (which is also in the dining room as seen HERE); I craved a zenful place for preparing my daily morning cup of joe. I wanted a cozy, white (shocker) and organized space where I can easily access the cappuccino machine, coffee tins, mugs and baked goodies.

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings4

All in the little details. I’m a huge fan of using decorative trays to help organize all the knickknacks.

Below- view of the cafe station from the living room. Btw, if you’re digging our photo wall collage, see how I planned and made it HERE.

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings

My kids love love bagels, so we always have them around. I used a cake stand with a lid cover to store them. Doesn’t hurt that they are pretty on the eyes!

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings3

You can’t have a cafe station without macarons and meringues. Yum. My kids devour these like there’s no tomorrow.

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings6

We used an old vintage dresser for the station. This time, we didn’t repaint it but did give it new glass/brass knobs from Anthropologie.

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings7

I’m obsessed with Cafe Du Monde coffee. I make Vietnamese coffee with this brand. I don’t make it often because it’s brewed using a French drip filter which takes a little longer than whipping something up with my cappuccino machine. I haven’t found the decaf version of it yet although I know it exists.

Cafe Station in the Living Room by Le Zoe Musings5

If you’re a coffee lover, I hope this has inspired you to create a little cafe sanctuary of your own!

In Instagram news- 1. Sunday morning starts with bubbles and giggles #lezoemusingskids 2. White, lace and mani in Eastern Light by Chanel 3. Made the usual latte (topped with a vanilla meringue) at my Cafe Station! 3. Dinner for three: salmon and scallops sashimi, crispy skin avocado rolls and edamame #yum.

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Have a wonderful Monday!!

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17 thoughts on “My Cafe Station

  1. Absolutely gorgeous and so zen. I love that you drink coffee for the experience – more people should! I eat that way, too. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I love to curl up with a cup of tea or decaf and slowly sip it over the course of an hour. No better way to wind down and find some internal warm fuzzies. 🙂 You’ve inspired me to design my own tea bar!


  2. That station is GORGEOUS! A French press has been on my list for a long time and I like the design on yours. Where is it from?


  3. This looks so beautiful! We’re moving house later this year and we were discussing having a similar set-up. Seeing your pictures definitely makes me want it even more!


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