Ten Shelfie Ideas

Styling bookshelves is the new thing. To me, it’s almost like a form of displaying art. Not only are bookshelves great for organizing but they serve as perfect exhibits for basically everything in your home that needs a ‘home’.

Shelfie inspo by Le Zoe Musings

I’ve round up ten beautifully displayed shelves for inspiration. Because I’m planning to add a few shelving units to my home office, creating this blog post gave me tons of ideas. So here’s to #shelfies that are unique, creative, functional and gorgeous.


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This white bookcase and all the kitchenware displayed in it is my dream.

Shelfie 3

Beautiful and simple.

Shelfie 4

Love love the gold hardware accents.

Shelfie 5

Oh.My.Goodness. Really? really.

Shelfie 6

Okay….this is out of control. Built in bookshelves filled with books of all shapes, sizes and colors. Andddd this miniature home ‘library’ also comes with a ladder? Okayyyy. Count me in.

Shelfie 7

An all-white kitchen shelving unit is always a good idea.

Shelfie 8

Add life and bring the outdoors in with plants on your shelves.

Shelfie 9

A bookshelf next to a bright window makes for the perfect reading nook. Add a cup of rose tea and I’m all set.

Shelfie 10

This home office is giving me endless ideas. Love office-related props such as an old phone for displaying purposes. Storage boxes are ideal for hiding all the extraneous paper and supply junk.

Shelfie 11

And here, I save the cutest for last! I adore the idea of floating shelves to flaunt your little ones’ books, stuff animals and miniature cuties. Keep them low so your adorable mini-me’s can reach and organize the items themselves.

In Instagram news- 1. The most perfect capture of my two kids’ different personalities. One is a neat freak ocd & eating cupcake with a fork. The other is the messiest, care-free food in his hair type of trait & going ham on the cupcake! #siblings #opposites 2. Beauty goodies and Zoey’s mini-mani. 3. Working on the gallery wall in my home office #creativeinprocess 4. Love making these wheat & banana waffles from scratch. They’re easy, healthy and so so yum! #breakfast

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Have a great day!

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