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There is no doubt Spring is one of the best times to visit Boston. I’ve called this city my home for almost a decade now and I still fall more and more in love with it everyday of my adult life. For me, it’s truly a love affair. Like true love, you just know it when you see it. There’s no explanation or reasoning. It’s simply because it feels right. There are places that I go to on the daily that still make my heart flutter.

Don’t ever ask me why I like Boston so much because I will literally spew a long love note-worthy of reasons. So much more than you’ve bargained for! For those of you who are considering visiting this European-like city, here are some of my favorite destinations to see, sip and taste!


If breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day then you’re gonna want to spend your morning at Tatte Bakery & Cafe. This place will inspire you to open your own little bakery shop-even if you can’t bake. Every item on the menu is freshly made and displayed so beautifully, you won’t even want to touch them. Spending your morning here will lift your spirit, motivate your mind and of course satisfy your rumbling tummy. Aside from their selection of delightful cookies and tarts, they also serve savory dishes. I recommend the SHAKSHUKA, a North African dish with bell peppers, tomatoes, topped with poached eggs and feta cheese served in a pan with toasted housemade challah bread.


If you are into architecture and art, the Boston Athenaeum is your spot. It is one of the oldest and most distinguished independent libraries and cultural institutions in the United States. Although you have to be a member to use their facility, they offer tours throughout the day. This is no ordinary library, the interior is absolutely breathtaking and transforms you back into time. A must-see!


Dear coffee lovers, please don’t leave Boston until you’ve stopped at Ogawa Coffee. The Japanese are known for their meticulous and thoughtful ways. This is no different when it comes to brewing their coffee. The coffee artisans from Kyoto, Japan are dedicated to the pursuit of coffee perfection. Just last year, Ogawa made its US debut in the bustling heart of Downtown Crossing. Haruna Murayama, a 2010 World Latte Art Champion barista oversees the menu development and barista training at the Boston location. Trust me, you’re in good hands.

Beacon Hill by Le Zoe Musings

If you’ve ever dreamed of living like a Parisian, grab a baguette and stroll the gorgeous cobblestone alleyways of Beacon Hill. This dreamy, brownstone, European-like neighborhood is so charming and quaint, you won’t ever want to go back to your not so dreamy life. Charles Street is famous in Beacon Hill for its unique cafes and boutiques. This is the most ideal street to window shop. Not saying that you can’t afford twelve dollars for a bar soap, just saying it’s so much better to gawk into the windows and “ooh and aah” all day long.

Esplanade by Le Zoe Musings

Boston is the third most walkable city in the nation. This means you have to walk along the Charles River Esplanade to inhale the fresh air, watch the sailboats racing and picnic under the blossoming cherry trees. It is pure heaven. City living means limited green space but Boston has done so well to provide its people with ample parks and family friendly recreational areas. Go ahead- make some fancy sandwich bites, bring a book, grab a few friends and enjoy life in the simplest form.

Taj Hotel by Le Zoe Musings

Go to the elegant French Room at the Taj Boston Hotel to support your healthy tea sipping tendencies. Enjoy petite bites of pastries, sandwiches and cookies while listening to the the violinist play in the background. This afternoon tea experience is unlike any other. The Taj Boston is situated between the intersection of Arlington street and the infamous Newbury street which is known for high end shopping. Let’s just head on over to Chanel and Tiffany & Co. after stuffing our face with macarons shall we? Oh- just another typical afternoon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour guide of Boston! There are so many places that I love that wasn’t mentioned here. If interested, I can create more guides in the future…

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Have a wonderful Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Boston Destinations

  1. I love Boston! Literally drove over five hours through the night but it was one of the best weekend trips I’ve ever taken! Sad to say I didn’t get to see all that I wanted to see but definitely going back. The minute you step foot in the city, history surrounds you. It’s surreal!


  2. I love Boston, too…such an American treasure!
    I must plan another trip to try some of these beautiful & inspiring places 🙂
    Great Post!!!


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