Inside a Berlin Penthouse

Do you ever look at a house from the outside and wonder how it’s like inside? I’m kind of obsessed with how people decorate their home. It tells you so much about their personality and style.

Step inside this gorgeous Berlin penthouse loft. It’s spacious, minimal and full of class.

Berlin Apt 3Berlin Apt 4Berlin Apt 5Berlin Apt 10Berlin Apt 11Berlin Apt 13Berlin Apt 14Berlin Apt 15Berlin Apt 16Berlin Apt 17Berlin Apt 18Berlin Apt 19Berlin Apt 20Berlin Apt 21Berlin Apt6Berlin Apt7Berlin Apt8Berlin Apt9Berline Apt 2Source

In Instagram news- 1. What I wore recently- a shift dress and black booties #manoloblahnik 2. A pleasant delivery, Kate Spade kitchenware- thank you! 3. Please give me a rose and macaron ice cream cone right now.  4. In bed with some happy things.

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Have a safe and fabulous Memorial holiday!!

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4 thoughts on “Inside a Berlin Penthouse

  1. Wow these photos look great. I used to live near Andenauer Platz and I had no idea there were such nice places nearby. Berlin always has so many beautiful things hiding in plain view.


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