A Dose of Fab

It’s all in the details. This is especially true when you want to elevate our daily life. You don’t have to make a huge purchase. Instead, get something small but meaningful and/or useful for your space and your daily life will be that much better.

Here’s how two small but utterly stylish additions made my home a bit cooler. I found them on FAB.com!

Home Cafe Station by Le Zoe Musings

I make Vietnamese coffee every so often using a French coffee dripper which can take a while when you’re in a rush. This stylishly functional Carat coffee dripper & pot brews Vietnamese coffee a lot faster. I usually brew one whole pot and store it in the fridge. When I’m craving Vietnamese iced coffee, I’ll pour a glass full and just add ice! My life is complete.

Tea Space in Dining Room by Le Zoe Musings

For my Tea Space, I’ve added this vibrant chic Kate Spade canister. They are perfect for storing cookies or tea bags.

Home Cafe Station2 by Le Zoe Musings

The KINTO Carat coffee dripper and pot is sitting very handsomely on my Cafe station.

Tea Space in Dining Room 2 by Le Zoe Musings copy

Anddd both the peony and Kate Spade canister are just lovely in our little Tea corner.

Need a does of fab for your home? Visit FAB to browse their curated selection of unique items. Just don’t get addicted.

Also, want a chance to win $1000 from FAB? Enter their sweepstakes below. Good luck!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

kellie-van-signature-le-zoe-musings copy


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