Visual Storytelling via Flat Lays

I love me a beautifully crafted flat lay. They are really popular on Instagram and you can find flat lays of all sorts- beauty, workspace, fashion, food, etc. To me, it’s a form of photography styling. Usually, flat lays consist of multiple elements in a shot where they are styled to be showcased either randomly or perfectly organized. There is one common theme- visual storytelling. This is where I can really relate. I love evoking an emotional response through a well-crafted visual message.

Below are a few of my very own flat lays from my Instagram account:

FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings InstagramFlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram2FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram3FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram4FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram5FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram6FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram7FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram8FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram9FlatLay by Le Zoe Musings Instagram10

For me, creating a beautiful flay lay is simple. Always use a background that is not distracting so that your subjects can really pop. My favorite is a white marble countertop. I often shoot my flat lays on my marble coffee table. Secondly, make sure that you take an unobstructed bird’s eye view of the frame. Easy no? For more daily flat lay inspos, please follow my Instagram HERE.

I’ve created a few flat lay inspirational boards on my Pinterest page. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web:

Workspace flatlay 1Workspace flatlay2Workspace flatlay3Workspace flatlay4Workspace flatlay5


To see more beautifully-curated selections of flat lays from around the globe, follow along on my Pinterest page HERE!

Create and inspire…


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