Just Imagine…

Summer is coming to an end and it feels bittersweet. We are embarking on a new journey- Zoey is going to kindergarten and I’m starting a new and very exciting professional role tomorrow. The day to day dynamic of our family will change. It’ll probably get a lot busier, much more hectic and the down times will be much more precious.

It’s true what they say, the end of one thing is the beginning of another. Just don’t lose sight on your passion and dreams. Just imagine the impossible. Open yourself to the universe and it will open up to you. I’ve been really living by that…

Rose Ice and Macaron ice cream cone by Le Zoe Musings

And with all that being said. Please give me a Rose Macaron Ice Cream Cone please!

Hope you had a great Monday! Keep dreaming your dream…



4 thoughts on “Just Imagine…

  1. An inspired encouragement-thank you for posting this, Kellie! 😀 And congrats on your daughter starting Kindergarten, too. 😀


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