Foolproof Way to Make Froth

Fall is officially here and the weather innately dropped 20 degrees overnight to catch up with the change in season. It has been scorching out up until a few days ago. It’s a little bittersweet bidding summer farewell but I’m welcoming the crisp romantic air and all of its glory  (the snuggles, boots, layering and lattes) with open arms.

Speaking of lattes, my favorite part of the drink is the froth. Oh my goodness, I can sip froth all day long. My morning happiness is measured by the amount of froth intake. The worst part is paying $4 for a cup of cappuccino/latte and the froth isn’t on point. It totally ruins my morning.


The good thing is I can make froth as good as any barista. Seriously. And I don’t need those fancy froth machines. Give me a French press and I’m good to go!

This method is very easy and dummy proof. Pour your milk of choice into the French press glass container. Any type of milk would work (whole, coconut, half & half, almond, etc). I used soy milk. Heat the milk in a microwave for about 30-50secs. Next, pump the plunger up and down to aerate the milk. The more you pump, the more froth you’ll get. That’s all folks. You’re very welcome.





Here I added froth to my tea to make the perfect roasty toasty tea latte.


This method makes froth that’s thick and foamy. The spoon test says it all.


In other news- life has been extremely busy. I just started a new position at J.Jill HQ and juggling a FT job along with mommy duties leave me very little time for anything else. I finally used a housekeeping service to clean my house and it was one of the best decisions ever! It felt so good not to slave over the house and get to spend more time with the kids. It was definitely money well spent and freed my time to focus on the more important and precious things in life. Although I’m not as active on the blog as much as I’d like, I’m pretty present on Instagram. It’s easier, quicker and doesn’t take much time.

Here’s what’s happening lately….


For daily happenings, please follow along on my Instagram!

Have a wonderful week.



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