The Mini-Luxuries

Isn’t life about the little things? The simple touches, the small acts of kindness, the subtle ways to express that you care- they’re all a big part of our happiness.

For me, it’s the little quiet moments that I can steal for myself- listening to French Jazz, blogging, polishing my nails, flipping catalogs, sipping lattes, etc. These short-lived but uninterrupted times feel adequate enough to make me feel refreshed and inspired.

We all need them. I call them ‘The Mini-Luxuries’.


Here I’m sharing a few of my mini-luxuries. Some of them are occasional treats (roses) and others are a part of my daily routine (teas/lattes).


What mini-luxuries add to your happiness? Please share!

On Instagram news, a collection of my daily mini-luxuries:


All styling and photography by yours truly.

Have a wonderful weekend!



7 thoughts on “The Mini-Luxuries

  1. Love your article and your picture so beautiful 😍 . I think my mini-luxuries are takingmy breakfast every morning , I just love that moment in the morning and also do my makeup it make so so happy 😍


  2. I like your way of thinking. The mini-luxuries are what make life special! They add small snippets of joy. I like a toasty cup of coffee, the aromas of nature, the glow of sunshine sneaking into my home and warming up my environment, the taste of chocolate and soft and cozy blankets.


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