Brush Happy with Hello

As parents, we’ve all been there. The struggle is real. Everything toddler-related is a losing battle. My two and a half year old son, Axel, is a real confident man. He knows what he wants and never gives up- ever. Even if that means going completely limp, lying on the floor (in public) kicking, screaming and losing all of his common sense. Yep, that child belongs to me.

Sometimes, I don’t even get upset anymore. I just look at the child and laugh. Like really Axel? Really?

But that’s not to say I don’t care. Anything that would make any part of my life easier as a mom, I’m all ears. This includes finding a kids toothpaste that doesn’t make the daily ritual a frustrating battle. Comes  Hello.  It’s a naturally friendly toothpaste that comes in cute packaging and a variety of yummy flavors.


Axel loves the blue raspberry, watermelon and bubble gum. Brushing his teeth has become sort of a game now. He gets to choose and try a different flavor each night.



Someone is #brushhappy!

Learn more about Hello.



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