Christmas Prep

Around this time of the year, Zoey and Axel know that Santa and his elves are working overtime to wrap and deliver presents to kids who are nice on Christmas eve. At our home, we are also prepping for Santa’s arrival. Our Christmas tree went up the week before Thanksgiving and the littles were overjoyed to help decorate.


Zoey unwrapped all of the photo ornaments from last year. We are hoping to add more and more photo ornaments every Christmas. This way, we’ll have a piece of memory from each year on the tree. It’s also a nice way of seeing how the kids have grown year after year.

Our fireplace mantel is also dressed up for the occasion.



In addition to our main tree, we also got a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree for the kid’s bedroom. This one was very special. We actually went on a little family field trip to a Christmas tree farm and cut it ourselves. I’ll share the story of that adventure later. Here’s how it’s looking (so far) in the kids’ bedroom…


There’s still some work to be done with the littles’ Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I’m also in the middle of dressing up their fireplace mantel to make it magical!

In Instagram news- 1. Today we hung up eleven wreaths- 9 for our front windows and the other 2 for our two front doors. 2. Dressed for comfort. Added a scarf and boots for that perfect fall layering. 3. Life has been a bit challenging. Zoey is under the weather for almost a week now. 4. Our living room is one of my favorite spaces right now- especially at night. It’s very cozy and sparkly. 


Hope you had a great weekend! Happy holidays.

P.S. I haven’t started shopping for gifts yet, have you? How do I find the time?!! Online shopping it might have to be!



6 thoughts on “Christmas Prep

  1. There’s something sweet about a Christmas tree decorated by the little ones, with that slow taper of ornaments as the tree gets too tall for them, like a reverse snowfall. It’s elegant, but so sweet too!


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