A (Charlie Brown) Christmas Tree Story

We have an artificial Christmas tree that we put up year after year. It stands merrily in front of the middle window. From the outside, you could see it glow and it’s even more magical when it snows. The wreaths on our windows definitely add to the magical scene.

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On a side note, can you see Zoey peeking out one of the windows?!

This year, we decided to also get a real Christmas tree. The initial idea was to find a tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree for the kids’ bedroom. We wanted them to experience the holiday spirit in its entirety. This means go hunt for the perfect tree, help daddy cut it down, bring it home, and decorate it.

Our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree somehow got bigger and bigger. By the time we found our perfect tree, it wasn’t that little anymore. It was probably one of the most special field trips we’ve had as a family. In addition to going to the Christmas tree farm, we took the kids to this cute little town where we rode the trolley touring special holiday happenings around the area.

There were multiple Santa sightings, hot chocolates, holiday treats and even a bon fire.


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Zoey was just a tad bit too excited. Axel- not too much…

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Now it’s time to bring our Charlie Brown Christmas tree home- where it belongs.


The kids helped decorate the tree with just a handful of ornaments. Unlike the tree in our living room, I wanted this one to stay as natural as possible with minimal decorations. I placed it inside a vintage crate which I thought gave it a unique and rustic feel.


The kids’ bedroom also has a decorative fireplace that’s been sitting pretty bare. I dressed the marble mantel with a gold gilded mirror, candlesticks, garlands and a nutcracker. Inside the firebox, I hung string lights, added faux snow, birch logs and reindeers.







Zoey’s letter to Santa!




Hope you’ve enjoyed this little holiday post of our family adventure.

On a side note- Since this trip, the kids have gotten sick for two straight weeks. It has been so painful juggling our full time work schedules and trying to take time off to care for them. Not to mention, our weekends were shot. Christmas is just a few days away and we haven’t had the chance to buy the kids presents…

I feel horrible about the procrastination but the truth is there’s no time and I don’t know how we are going to pull it off as we are traveling in the next two days!

How’s your Christmas preparation going? Would love to hear!

Stay safe and happiest holidays!

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7 thoughts on “A (Charlie Brown) Christmas Tree Story

  1. Sickness and the Holidays just seem to go together, unfortunately. DH and I have been struck with the “cough thing” but definitely easier to deal with than a hectic schedule like yours. I very much do remember those years of the boys’ growing up and the school Holiday events, church Christmas programs, shopping, decorating, relatives/friends visiting and traveling………..and then…….those uber pesky “bugs” that lay some member(s) low.
    Your lovely home exterior is one from a Dickens/Currier & Ives painting for sure!!!! Thanks for taking us along and I pray for a speedy recovery for all…..with hugs…………………


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