DIY: Valentine Heart Candy Jars

Valentine is just a few weeks away and here’s a really cute way to shower your other half or galentines with the sweetest sweets. Show how much you care with the most adorable Valentine Heart Candy Jars made from empty mason jars.


I have a lot of extra nail polishes including ones with gold, glitter, and all sorts of sparkles. This crafty project makes use of them. Here’s how:


Allow the polish to dry overnight. Lastly, fill the jars with your Valentine candy of choice. I chose heart-shaped marshmallows and red, pink and white m&m’s.


Hope you’ll give this fun Valentine project a try! In other news, some snippets from my Instagram


Have a wonderful week!



6 thoughts on “DIY: Valentine Heart Candy Jars

  1. How cute! I just now stumbled upon this. I’m so sad all of the shades-of-pink candies are off the shelves now and won’t be back for a another year. Check out our valentines craft from this year on our blog! x


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