Strawberry and Pear Creme Fraiche Toast

Happy weekend! Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes- Strawberry and Pear Creme Fraiche Toast. These bites are ideal for breakfast but also great for anytime of the day. They are easy to prepare and almost too pretty to eat…

CremeFraicheToast By Le Zoe Musings.jpg

The layers consist of toast, creme fraiche, fruits/berries, and granola. Finish off with a few mint leaves and a drizzle of maple syrup. Voila!

CremeFraicheToast By Le Zoe Musings2

Just a tad bit fancy but nothing complicated! Hope you’ll give this one a try.

In other news, Axel just turned THREE and here’s a few recent Instagram happenings:

instagram by Le Zoe Musings

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Live life beautifully…

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