A Day in the City

It’s hard to believe that the weather lately has been so frigid cold. Last month, we’ve had days in the 60’s where some light layering was enough to keep you comfortable. Luckily, the stars and moon aligned when my sisters came to visit back in February and the weather was just that— perfect in the 60’s!

I took a few days off from work and spent quality time with my sisters and Zoey. Here are a few snippets of our day bonding in the city…



There were a few latte breaks. We went to the Boston public library cafe and enjoyed chit-chatting in the gorgeous courtyard.

CityLife_Le Zoe Musings3

Zoey was on her winter break and was ecstatic to roam the city with mommy. We also stopped by the Boston Commons so she could enjoy the playground.

CityLife_Le Zoe Musings4

One of my favorite bakery/coffee shops in the city is Tatte. The food is yummy but the aesthetics is to die for. Light, airy, casual and so inspiring.

CityLife_Le Zoe Musings5

CityLife_Le Zoe Musings6

There were a few more places that I wanted to take my sisters to but didn’t have enough time such as the French library. Welp, there’s always next time!

Hope you had a a great weekend!



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