Springtime Magic

It doesn’t get more magical than when Spring arrives. We finally wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, there are all sorts of vibrant colors covering the ground, and as the days get longer— our weekend family getaways become more adventurous.

It is also around this time that we look forward to gardening again. Our city living lifestyle limits private outdoor space but we make the most of it by placing planters wherever we can. Most of them surrounds the front of our house and they are all getting a healthy dose of Monrovia plants.


I typically have the plants stay indoors for one or two weeks prior to sending them off to their happy life outside. This is because New England weather is so unpredictable that leaving the plants outdoors a tad bit too early may risk them dying. For example, not too long ago on April 1st, we were bracing for a snowstorm!


I’m not complaining, however, because this gives me a chance to inject our living spaces with a pop of Spring color! I’ve recently picked up these beautiful yellow Monrovia ranunculus and they are living happily in our office at the moment.


Beautify your space with Monrovia plants. They are one of the healthiest and highest quality plants you’ll find. Find them easily at Lowes!

Happy Spring and enjoy your weekend.



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