DIY Paper-Napkin Decoupage (Spring Blossom) Easter Eggs

We are taking the kids Easter egg hunting this Saturday and they are  so excited. This will be the third year in a row that we’ll be attending our neighborhood’s annual egg hunt. We’re establishing our own little family traditions and rituals with each holiday. The best gift about being a parent is living life through the eyes of your children. They see things a little differently— more beautiful, exciting and so innocent.

Life for us is extremely busy and hectic during the week so when the weekend approaches, it is so well deserved (I’ve earned every second)! I always feel so fulfilled walking out of the office at the end of day on Fridays. I work hard during the week and relish every ounce of down time on the weekends. For me, that’s my work life balance. Although I can’t say that taking care of two young ones five and under is considered down time!

Anyhow, in preparation for Easter the kids and I made Spring Blossom Easter Eggs this past weekend. We used a technique called decoupage which is basically decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it.


This method was so easy and you can use any napkin print you fancy.


I have to say, this was fun and productive for Zoey who is five. On the other hand, Axel, our three year old just made a whole lot of mess!


I love how our Spring Blossom Easter Eggs came out. They are whimsical, delicate and beautiful. Just how Spring blossoms should be!


Here’s what we did last year, using the same method:


Hope you’ll give this a try! Happy (almost) Easter!



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