Staying Connected

Like most modern homes, at any given time— we could have up to six devices connected to wi-fi. I am the first to admit, occasionally I would allow my kids to go ham on their tablets so I could have some peace and quiet. I’m not sorry about it. Unless you’re responsible my kids and my sanity, please don’t judge.

Unlike my 20-something year old self, my current self is much more efficient in life. In college, I would take the latest class possible (say 2pm) and would still be late to it because I couldn’t wake up in time! Nowadays, sleeping in means sleeping past 7:30am… on the weekends. Call it old age, or mommyhood— something sure has changed! On the weekends, I typically don’t have set agendas but do keep a mental note of how my days should progress. This includes allocating a certain amount of time to this blog. When I set two precious hours to complete a post, safe and uninterrupted internet connection is a must.


Enter Deco M5, “a whole-home Wi-Fi system designed to cover your entire home with a steady, uninterrupted internet experience and comprehensive security via TP-Link HomeCare.”

I live in a multi-story home so not every space has the same quality of wi-fi connection. The Deco M5 makes life a tab bit easier by seamlessly expanding the network to ensure the best possible coverage no matter where you are. And for us parents, it even has robust parental controls allowing you to manage and monitor access of network services, for children by time allowance, even when you’re not home!


To learn more about the Deco M5, please see here.

Anything that could make my mommy life run smoother, I’m in.  Enjoy your weekend!

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