A Major Milestone

Hello friends! The end of June is soon approaching and that means Zoey’s school year is winding down. There are a handful of school activities happening recently as they celebrate various events at the end of the year. The hubs and I try to divide and conquer since we are both busy with work. For Zoey’s kindergarten graduation, however, we both made it a priority to attend. How could you possibly miss your child’s kindergarten graduation?!


Seats for the mini-graduates. We anxiously wait for them…


The ceremony took place in this beautiful fountain courtyard right by Zoey’s school.



All of Zoey’s school artwork is stored in her little portfolio. It’s time to bring it home!


Proud of my little boo!


Snippets of my office outfit details…because after the ceremony, I had to run back to work! #momlife

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



5 thoughts on “A Major Milestone

  1. I have been following this blog on and off for the longest time. And every now and then i go like, hmm let me check what Kellie has been up to. I look at zoe now and think wow, how they grow so fast. Time flies. Congratulations to her, and the lovely parents.

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