Diy: Antique French Chairs

Hello! It’s been a while my friends…

I don’t have time for as much (if at all) mini home projects like I used to. With a nine hour work day and an additional three hours of daily commute, there is literally no time in my life for…anything! Work is demanding and it’s exhaustion as I’ve never experienced before, but lucky for me, it’s a dream job. Otherwise, none of it would be worth it.

This diy furniture project happened while the kids were away for the summer. I’ve dreamt of this makeover for eons but the timing has never been right. We bought these secondhand French chairs years ago and they came with a not so lovely dark pink/reddish fabric. The ultimate goal has always been to get them reupholstered but that has never happened. I wanted a faster solution so I basically painted them white. YEP. Btw- this is what I do with all my furniture— I give them a fresh coat of white paint! Just as new…


The correct method to do this was probably to use fabric paint. I didn’t do that. On the fabric, I used two layers of base coat (the kind used for walls). When it came to the wood frame, I did one coat of messy paint to create the white washed look. Afterwards, gold paint was added to the wood creases and around the ornate floral carvings for an antique effect. Obviously, my chairs don’t look professionally done but I’m totally OK with that. They are far from perfect but perfect for our little seating area in the bedroom.


Speaking of diy projects, this gold gilded vase was made over two years ago. It’s standing the test of time pretty well and gorgeously holds the virburnums— freshly picked from our garden. To recreate this gold gilded vase, please see post HERE. It’s so much simpler than you’d think!


In other news, I thought I’d share one of my latest craze. Bytten mini-glam stack accessorizes my rose gold Apple watch beautifully. A little bit of glam never hurt!

Last but not least, here’s a look at the before and after…


In Instagram world…


Hope you had a great weekend & ’til next post!

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9 thoughts on “Diy: Antique French Chairs

  1. I haven’t seen someone paint fabric before? Isn’t it really hard and weird to touch? It does look good though!


  2. Oh my gracious, Kellie, I think you and I have the same working hours now, and IT IS exhausting…Ever since our move in early December, I’ve cut out even thinking about blogging. Some times I really miss it! I’m hoping I can start making time for it again, as I’m finally getting used to my crazy hours. I’m commuting about four hours total and a nine hour day. Not the best quality of life, but worth it when I can come home to my own house! Hope you all are well, otherwise!


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