DIY Holiday Wreath Cake

I don’t know about you but I am in high festive spirits. This past weekend, we put our Christmas tree up while the first snowfall of the season was happening! Add holiday music to the scene and it was very magical. See video here.

I’ve also made this DIY Holiday Wreath Cake for the family to enjoy. Ok- so I didn’t bake the cake myself but yes, I did the decoration (most important)! I picked up a cake with just plain white frosting then sprinkle a dose of DIY magic. Poof! We have a Holiday Wreath Cake that looks and smells just like the holidays.


Seriously, isn’t this so easy? You could also do this on cupcakes or cookies. Adding granulated sugar on the rosemary and cranberries create the frosted snow look (b/c it was clearly snowing with the coconut flakes!).


Hope you’ll give this simple holiday tutorial a try!

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Stay warm and happiest holidays!



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