DIY: Christmas Tree Cake Toppers

My kids and I have been enjoying some adorable and delicious Christmas Tree Cake Toppers. They’re perfect for transforming ordinary cakes (or cupcakes) into festive eye-candy delights and my kids eat them just like lollipops!

The sweet bonus? They’re really really easy to make. You’re welcome.


For those who don’t have any Martha in you— you absolutely can’t mess these up. No matter how the chocolate lays, it’ll resemble a Christmas tree as long as there’s a rough shape of a triangle. Add sprinkles and ta-dah!


Yes, these are edible stars. 🙂


You could  also make these with dark chocolate or green using green food coloring. I like the white because it resembles snow. Hope you’ll give this sweet diy a try.  They would make really cute little party favors.

And…in case you’ve missed it. Please see the DIY Holiday Wreath Cake tutorial here.

Merry (almost) Christmas!



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