Diy: Valentine’s Day Treat Box (chocolate-dipped strawberries)

Hello friends! Hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend. I spent most of the day making this Valentine’s Day Treat Box. It’s filled with the loveliest and yummiest white chocolate-dipped strawberries along with other eye-candy, mouth watering additions.

This Valentines’ gift box was made with love– literally.


I also made these petite chocolate rosettes (below) in various shades of pink. They’re the perfect little additions to this V-day treat box.


The white chocolate-dipped strawberries were easy make. I made two shades of chocolate. One with just the plain white chocolate chips and the other with a drop of red food coloring added. Once the strawberries are covered in chocolate, add your sprinkles of choice. Allow to set for at least thirty minutes.


Hope you’ll give this a try. Happy (almost) Valentines’ day!



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