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Butterblume is one cool concept. It’s a restaurant, cafe and floral boutique all under one open space. While in Montreal, my husband and I visited this place for brunch. We sat at the bar and had a clear view of the chefs prepping magic. The… Read More

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Travel: Palace of Versailles

In the summer of 2013, we took Zoey to France, Italy, and Portugal. She was definitely a world traveling toddler. Below are some snapshots of the Palace of Versailles. The architectural details are dreamy and surreal. I don’t dream of much. Just want my house… Read More

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Flashback Friday: Paris ’13

With this post, I’m taking you back to summer ’13 when we took Zoey to Paris right before her second birthday. I can’t believe how much she’s grown since. Back then, she barely said a word and now she’s  conversing in sentences such as “Mommy,… Read More

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Tres Chic

A few months ago, I took Zoey and my two sisters to Afternoon Tea at the Boston Harbor Hotel. It’s the perfect place for catching up on sisterly chit-chats. Enjoying Afternoon Tea has made its way up my list on the ‘tres chic’ things to… Read More

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Gloss48’s Launch Party!

Good morning! It’s such a beautiful Autumn day here in Boston. I just absolutely love looking out my bedroom window. The view is magnificent- colorful maple trees and rows of gas light lamp posts lining the charming neighborhood streets. Soon, these posts will be all… Read More

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Flashback: PARIS!

Hello! How’s everyone’s weekend going so far? It’s chilly up here in the New England area.  In a way, I love days like this when it feels super cozy and soup totally hits the spot. I made butternut squash soup topped w/ bacon bits (of… Read More

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Beachside Food

Happy Monday! Yesterday, we had Zoey spent the night at her aunt’s house. Finally, there was a great opportunity for the hubs and I to watch a movie together or do something fun for date-night. Needless to say, none of that happened b/c as soon… Read More

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Lover’s Bridge

While in Paris, one of the things that I really wanted to do was go to the Lover’s Bridge and lock our love… forever. The Lover’s Bridge is actually a chain link fence of the Pont Des Arts (crosses the left bank to the Louvre… Read More

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Alleyway in Paris

Life might finally return to normalcy again! It feels familiar and so good to sit in front of MY computer. I work so much faster knowing where all the programs are. Love me some efficiency. Here’s the first official post of our recent adventures in… Read More

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For The Sisters

Whenever I go somewhere foreign, one of the things that I look forward to the most is finding the perfect meaningful trinkets for my sisters back home. Because I have 5 of them, sometimes it’s a challenge to find 5 of one thing. This time… Read More

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Home Sweet Home

After what felt like a lifetime spent halfway across the world, I’m so ecstatic to be back home! We took Ms. Precious to visit France, Italy, and Portugal and although we had loads of fun, I’ve concluded that we shall never ever plan a vacay… Read More

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Friday Chit-Chat

Just some random chit-chat worthy things to mention…. Earlier this week, I bought these cool concrete initials for Zoey’s future bedroom (for when we move to our new place…whenever that is!) from Restoration Hardware. This is the type of random not-thought-out purchase that my husband… Read More

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A Hammock Moment

Hammock. Beach. Sunset. Loved ones. I couldn’t ask for more. (Marco Island, a few weeks ago) Zoey is the sweetest child and is growing up too fast. Wishing that time stood still. At that time, Zoey wasn’t feeling too well. But now, she’s up and… Read More

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Sunset On Marco Island

Back from a week long trip to Marco Island / Miami! It was nice spending much needed time with the family and bonding over noisy late night dinners.  We (the sisters) spent the entire day with our mother yesterday. Destinations included a visit to sis’s… Read More

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A Day On Marco Island

It’s 6am here on Marco Island and I’m as awake as can be. Yesterday was almost a perfect day. We finally have our old Zoey back, the one who’s a bit of a rascal, can’t live without her ipad, and loves digging through mommy’s things.… Read More

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In Sunny FL

Hello! We are currently in Marco Island enjoying the warm beachy weather. A very nice change from the bitter winter cold.  Just a quick post to share random pics via instagram.  Handbag packed and ready to go! Zoey and her ducky at the airport.  After… Read More

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Downtown Lights

Hello!! Hope everyone had a GREAT X-Mas! Don’t things appear to go at 5mph after the holidays? I’m feeling sluggish and lazy. The cold weather doesn’t help either. Anyhow, while in Atl we went to downtown to watch the X-Mas lights at Centennial Olympic Park.… Read More

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On One Fall Day

Went through some pictures and saw these ones back in early Fall… Each Fall, we take weekend trips to nearby apple/pumpkin orchards. They’re so much fun! Zoey and I on a barren road. I love our faint shadows on the road.  And in a blink… Read More