Pearls & Joe’s {NYC}

Hello, hope everyone is doing well! For me, it’s been such a fun but chaotic past couple of days!! Was in NYC over the weekend for some memorable family affairs and now we are back in Miami…again! Needless to say, Zoey’s routine is sooo off right now.  Anyhow…don’t you love a great pair of JEANS? … More Pearls & Joe’s {NYC}

Tuscany & Florence

Good Morning! My husband and I had a recent conversation about taking Zoey to Europe hopefully this September (when she can finally walk, fingers crossed!). This reminded me of our honeymoon visit to Tuscany + Florence.  Yes, Tuscany is really that beautiful + serene! The rolling hills, olive trees, vineyards, etc. etc. etc. Just gorgeous!! … More Tuscany & Florence

Just the Three of Us!

Snapped some family pictures during our weekend getaway to CT.  Don’t you love how pictures can capture and freeze precious moments? Moments that can never be relived except for through memories.  She stares straight at mommy. How beautiful.  I love how Zoey is so excited at something that caught her attention. Such an innocent and … More Just the Three of Us!

Chicken Knees

We ate chicken knees. FRIED. That’s right folks, while in Vancouver we set off to this apparently BEST fish congee restaurant in the city. It was a chilly morning so a hot bowl of fish congee sounded perfect. While at the restaurant we saw everyone getting this heaping plate of fried something. At first, I … More Chicken Knees

Cafe Regalade

During our stay in Vancouver… After a super disappointing dinner at a sushi restaurant (this is why it’s better to make your own at home!) we were dying to find a place to splurge on desserts hoping to make up a bad dining night.  I suggested somewhere French. As we stopped at a red light, … More Cafe Regalade

Renaissance Lobby Decor

We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle and I fell in love w/ their lobby decor! It was so modern and chic. How cool is this brick/glass fireplace?! Love the idea of displaying books for decoration purposes. It makes a shelf so much more intriguing.  Til next post, Kellie.

Blenz Coffee

Similar to Starbucks in the US, Blenz Coffee dominated the streets of Vancouver as the ‘go to’ coffee shop. We frequent this cafe to rest, enjoy a cup of joe, and connect to the web. Blenz @ Steveston.  Would LOVE to know how to make art designs on cappuccinos.  Cappuccino. Forgot to request for decaf. … More Blenz Coffee

Greetings frm Seattle!

Hello! Hope you are doing well! We are having such a great family time here in Vancouver. Such a beautiful place! Just a few pics from where we stayed at in Seattle, the Renaissance near Pike’s Place. [Morning indulgence] Wall Street Journal. Organic Peppermint Tea. Dark Chocolate Dipped Biscotti. Mom + Me. Can’t wait to … More Greetings frm Seattle!

Cinque Terra, Italy

One of the most beautiful places that we visited during our honeymoon has got to be this little hidden gem, Cinque Terra,  in the mountain coast on the Italian Riviera. I have to say that the drive up the mountain was actually one of the scariest experiences of my life. Imagine having to share one … More Cinque Terra, Italy

Adios for Now.

Time is ticking and we are almost ready to head off to catch our flight. I hate flying, but that is another entire story. Like many, I’ve been the person who always wanted to sit up front so I can deplane early. The sooner the better. Unlike now where I wish to sit in the … More Adios for Now.

Revisiting Barcelona

The most impressive thing about Barcelona was this massive outside food market. It had everything imaginable and was one of the most spectacular sight I’ve experienced.  In the public train station- shot taken by the talented husband. The lightest and yummiest croissant ever- w/ ham and cheese.  We rented a condo in the heart of … More Revisiting Barcelona

Barcelona ~ Tapas

For our honeymoon, we opted for a European tour. Barcelona was one of our destinations. One of my most memorable experience was devouring all the array of tapas. This was where I was initially introduced to the world of tapas and the variety of its existence in Barcelona was out of this world. And what … More Barcelona ~ Tapas