LZM Birthday Giveaway (4 Winners, Ends Feb 25th)

As you may know, Le Zoe Musings just celebrated her (yes, it’s a fabulous she) FIRST birthday! “Thanks” to all my readers for stopping by LZM for your daily dose of inspiration. To show my appreciation, I’ve teamed up with NAVOH to bring you this amazing Giveaway! Every fab female needs something fancy and compact to … More LZM Birthday Giveaway (4 Winners, Ends Feb 25th)

DIY Tinted Lip Balm

Let’s be honest. We all own more beauty products than our lips, cheeks, or eyes can handle. A few weeks ago, I did a massive clean out of my makeup drawer and realized that I have far too many unwanted beauty products taking up precious space. These include lipcolors that I know I would NEVER … More DIY Tinted Lip Balm

The Invisible Belt

Back in November, the House of Martin Margiela and H&M collaborated to give fashion enthusiasts a chance to grab re-edition pieces of MM from various seasons. I saw a few pieces back then but didn’t really give them more than 10mins of my shopping time (it’s precious!). Honestly, designer collaborations don’t  make me go psycho.  … More The Invisible Belt

White Winter

Looking outside, one would have never guessed that yesterday was a white winter wonderland as the snow has completely melted away. Not a trace remained. That is New England weather for you. But I absolutely love it. You can’t fully appreciate the warmth of summer unless you’ve experienced the treacherous snowfall of winter. This weekend, … More White Winter


Can someone enlighten me as to how one could walk in shoes like these? Contoured Wedge by Giuseppe Zanotti. Would you dare try strutting in them? To some fashion-obsessed, these may be shoegasm. To me, just a little odd. Have a GREAT Monday! We’re hitting the city w/ my sister who’s in town from Miami. … More Heel-Less


I think we often look elsewhere to find happiness when it’s usually right here, within ourselves. You create your own happiness. Yes, you are that powerful. Nothing sends that message across better than this uber adorable candle from curly girl design. Their candles (products in general) are so uplifting, artsy, girlish, and adventurous!  I have … More Happiness

Will You Vote For Me?

Hello fellow bloggers and followers!! I just recently entered in a Luckymag.com contest called “Show Us Your Bootie” and would LOVE + APPRECIATE your vote!  The contest is about how you would style your booties (a fall staple) and I entered the outfit from my recent post, Giving Thanks. The contest has actually gone on … More Will You Vote For Me?

Meet Cynthia

Meet Cynthia. Cynthia has been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. To us, she is another sister. A sweet, smart, and sexy addition to our family! When I proposed to do a photo shoot of her, she was game. The session was fun as I knew exactly what I … More Meet Cynthia

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you are having a FAB time w/ your families and friends! We are here in sunny Florida to spend the holiday with my family! There’s about 20 people in our house right now and these are just immediate family members! Our guests and friends haven’t even arrived yet for the … More Giving Thanks

Cranberry Festival

Hi all! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend so far! Each weekend, we try to take short nearby trips to different destinations. Since it’s fall, there are tons of fall festivities in neighboring New England towns. Friday night, we went into the city for a music festival. It was pretty nice, there were tables … More Cranberry Festival

Fall For Merlot

You probably already know that merlot (burgundy) is one of the top colors this Fall. What I LOVE most about early Fall fashion is that you can still be comfortable in a skirt and some light layering. What’s worse than trying to look cute but FREEZING your bum off?! NOTHING. This is how I work … More Fall For Merlot

Head Over Heels

I’ve always been a HEELS girl although since moving into the city and walking more now than ever, it’s a challenge to wear them out (w/o killing my feet!). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love or appreciate them anymore! Here are 10 of my favs (that’s obviously so NOT in my budget!) from … More Head Over Heels