Cuff Obsession

Currently, I’m mildly obsessed w/ these crazy amazing arm candy by CC SKYE. Here are my favorite four styles.    What do you think?! I’m living on a fairly tight budget now, so I don’t see myself sportin’ one of these soon but a girl can dream! click on image to shop Have a wonderful … More Cuff Obsession

All Shades of Blue

A mommy and me ensemble. Zoey wearing her blue gradient tutu and me accenting her blue-licious skirt w/ my own little hints of blue… from the ring, to the strappy leather heels, to the drop earrings,  to the arm candy. A closer look at us wearing our shades of blue one day out in LA. … More All Shades of Blue

Accessory Junkie

I will be the first to admit that I am a HUGE accessory junkie! When I travel, I pack A LOT more accessories than I do clothes. I am actually an extremely light packer when it comes to packing clothes. I only bring a few key pieces that can integrate into many different outfits. Seriously, … More Accessory Junkie

Bracelet Display

My closet is overflowing w/ jewelry clutter. I need to find a better + permanent solution to display and organize them. I do have a diy project in mind that I haven’t gotten a chance to get to yet. Yesterday, while I was playing around with organizing them, I suddenly thought of the empty wine … More Bracelet Display

Arm Swag

Are you an accessory gal? I’ve always love me a cocktail ring although recently I have been craving some arm candy. Here are some of my favorites, picked from my pinterest ‘Stylish’ board. Stack them up! There are so many affordable pieces out there now that creating this type of look doesn’t have to break … More Arm Swag