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Spring In Chinatown

On one breezy Spring day in Chinatown Boston… Ms. Zoey is growing up to be mommy’s favorite little girl.  I absolutely love how my husband captured the birds flying above in this photo.  Cuffed jeans + leopard heels (to match Z’s jacket).  Cherry blossoms in… Read More

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Zoey’s Shoe Options

Zoey’s shoe collection would probably put most of ours to shame. And I’ll have to admit that it’s not entirely my doing, some of them were given from aunts and cousins. But it’s kind of getting to the point where I have no where to… Read More

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White Winter

Looking outside, one would have never guessed that yesterday was a white winter wonderland as the snow has completely melted away. Not a trace remained. That is New England weather for you. But I absolutely love it. You can’t fully appreciate the warmth of summer… Read More

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Shoreline Village

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some pics from our recent trip to LA. We stopped by Shoreline Village in Long Beach. This place was so unique with tiny cute shops and beautiful views of the water. That’s all for now…

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Pumpkin Patch 2

Remember the first pumpkin patch post? Well, this is the 2nd installment of our visit to Shelburne Farms. We enjoyed many fun fall festivities after visiting the pumpkins. Here they are… We took a little break to grab a bite to eat. Our lunch included… Read More

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Autumn In the Park

Hello all! Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday! I’m here trying to tidy up our place, pack, and getting us ready for our trip to LA tomorrow. This will be our 2nd time out to the west coast. Ms. Zoey was a little rascal… Read More

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Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure! Zoey had so much FUN! She loved walking through the patch, listening to a local jazz group, and browsing through the little apple/pumpkin shop. Weather was perfect that day! A series of Zoey’s silly faces! This… Read More

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Topsfield Fair

This past weekend, we headed to Topsfield Fair. I haven’t been to a fair for the LONGEST time and this one didn’t disappoint. It had everything that a fair should have and much MORE… tons of fair rides, foods, events, shows, animals, etc. One of… Read More

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Cranberry Festival

Hi all! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend so far! Each weekend, we try to take short nearby trips to different destinations. Since it’s fall, there are tons of fall festivities in neighboring New England towns. Friday night, we went into the city for… Read More

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When the Weather is Nippy

The weather outside has definitely dropped in temperature. It’s been fairly chilly, enough to turn on our fireplace. This is the type of fall weather that I absolutely LOVE. Not bone-chilling cold, just cold enough that a stylish jacket & scarf combo will suffice. What… Read More

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DIY Gold Tip Baby Mary Janes

Mothers of little fashionistas- I have an extremely simple, inexpensive, & STYLISH weekend project for you to add to your bucket list. These diy gold tip baby mary janes are so irresistable! Your baby will surely not go unnoticed. I got the metallic spray paint… Read More

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Zoey’s ZARA Fashion Haul!

I heart ZARA. Not for their women’s collection (although sooo awesome) but more so for their uber stylish collection of baby girl’s clothes. They are to DIE FOR and sooo cute I can’t even put it into words. Their baby clothes make my heart melts,… Read More

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All Shades of Blue

A mommy and me ensemble. Zoey wearing her blue gradient tutu and me accenting her blue-licious skirt w/ my own little hints of blue… from the ring, to the strappy leather heels, to the drop earrings,  to the arm candy. A closer look at us… Read More

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Caught in Action!

Although Zoey is barely taking tiny baby steps, she is fairly growing into an independent little person. She maneuvers around the house quite fast and is capable of getting herself into trouble. I set her free w/o boundaries to see what she is capable of.… Read More

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Busy Little Bee.

Zoey is at the stage where she LOVES to roam and grab on anything in sight. Everything peaks her curiosity and it’s interesting to let her be for a few mins. and capture it all through my camera! Earlier we went to the park and… Read More

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Congratulations Graduate!

Went to my youngest sister’s graduation a couple of days ago. She just received her master’s and we are all so very PROUD!!  I took this shot of Geri as she was walking in. LOVE the glitzy heels. Miss Zoey looks like such a big… Read More