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Mini Frozen Yogurt Flowers

My little love has this entire week off from school so we’ve been bonding over grocery shopping duties, walks in the park and making yummy food. Zoey loves to help out whenever possible, especially in the kitchen. Yesterday, we made the most delicious and healthy… Read More

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Waffle Two Ways

If you haven’t eaten, I’m so sorry (#sorrynotsorry)! Today, it’s all about waffle dress-up. There’s a salty version and then a sweet one which means you can either have two individual servings (for you and a friend) or enjoy both all by yourself.   The… Read More

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Cherry Banana Smoothie Bowl

This morning felt different. It was refreshing and so cozy. Snuggling under the blanket with the kiddos was ideal. At sixty something degrees, it was a nice change from the exhausting heat. With a refreshing morning, there has to be a matching refreshing breakfast. My… Read More

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Blueberry Almond Bagel

Sometimes the weather can be very insensitive and unkind. It doesn’t care that we already made plans. What was supposed to be a fun filled day at Martha’s Vineyard (biking around the island) this coming Memorial weekend might not happen. The almost perfect weather forecast… Read More

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Breakfast On The Balcony

While in Marco Island, my sister made the most perfect breakfast one morning. She went to the market early and grabbed a few ingredients. Next thing I know, breakfast (for two) was served on the balcony…with a beach view! Our magnificent view! Before heading to… Read More

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An Untypical Saturday

Yes, we were forewarned that a blizzard was coming our way. However, that still didn’t prepare me for what I witnessed this morning. Opened our front door and basically screamed “What the F (freak)!!” Our car was almost completely engulfed in snow and the street… Read More

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Morning Indulgence

Mornings that are gloomy and wet call for nothing else but a yummy morning indulgence of coffee cake & an extra frothy cup of cappuccino. LOVE me a cup a cap. Decaf, of course! No, I don’t actually finish the entire cake in one bite!… Read More

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Espresso Friday

Happy Friday! Have you gotten your coffee fix yet for the day? I LOVE the smell and taste of coffee but can’t stand the rapid palpitations that come along with it. So my solution has always been decaf coffee.  The weather here has been sort… Read More

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Flour Bakery & Cafe

Hello! How was everyone’s Sat. morning? Ours started super early, up at 6am! Bright and early. We wanted to start the day off going to a place that we haven’t gone to in a very very long time. Flour Bakery + Cafe located in Fort… Read More

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Matcha Soy Milk

What is everyone having for breakfast? For me, since it’s nearly 20 degrees outside, a hot cup of Matcha soy milk, please! Oh, did I also mention w/ biscotti? Dipped in gourmet bittersweet chocolate, delishhhh. Topped w/ slivers of almonds.  And b/c I am froth… Read More