Friday Lunch Date

Because Brittany Fischer is the best co-worker a girl can I ever ask for, I wanted to treat her to a lunch date. “Pick a place, any place. Today is your day.” I said. Her choice? Battery Park. This place is truly a hidden gem just a few steps from our office. Walk too swiftly … More Friday Lunch Date

First Day Back

What better way to welcome a gal back to work than a dozen of not-so-kind to my waistline macarons?!! Thanks Brittany Fischer for the yummiest sweet treats. EVER. Love you so so much!! I seriously have the best job and colleagues. #solucky #feelingblessed #gloss48insider

Date Night Makeup Tutorial (and Coupon Code!)

Most of you may probably already know that I work for this REALLY FABULOUS company called Gloss48 (an online beauty site that offers amazing promotional prices on niche beauty products for 7 days). As the Creative Producer, I develop and produce creative work in line with Gloss48’s branding style to visually represent the company’s online … More Date Night Makeup Tutorial (and Coupon Code!)

Boys According To Brit #1 (6 Epic Recipes Men Love)

Hello! Hope everyone’s having a Fabulous Friday! It’s FREEZING here in Boston but oh so festive. The gas lampposts in my neighborhood are all decked out and I can’t wait to share images (when I get a chance to snap snap). Anyhow, as promised THE day has come! Brittany Fischer, my colleague and Beauty Editor … More Boys According To Brit #1 (6 Epic Recipes Men Love)

Meet Brittany Fischer.

There are many people who come into our lives and depart as they please without really leaving their marks. And then there are a handful of people who we connect right away for whatever reason.  Brittany Fischer falls into the latter category. Brittany and I recently met through Gloss48. At a glance, we can’t be more … More Meet Brittany Fischer.