Happy Friday!

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well. What are your plans for the weekend? One of my older sisters from Miami is coming into town and she has requested some fancy seafood bites upon her arrival for dinner. Lucky for her, her sister is also a seafood lover and happens to know the best fishmonger in town.  … More Happy Friday!

Morning Indulgence

Mornings that are gloomy and wet call for nothing else but a yummy morning indulgence of coffee cake & an extra frothy cup of cappuccino. LOVE me a cup a cap. Decaf, of course! No, I don’t actually finish the entire cake in one bite! It takes a few but not one. Waistline is hating … More Morning Indulgence

Cafe Regalade

During our stay in Vancouver… After a super disappointing dinner at a sushi restaurant (this is why it’s better to make your own at home!) we were dying to find a place to splurge on desserts hoping to make up a bad dining night.  I suggested somewhere French. As we stopped at a red light, … More Cafe Regalade

A Cup of Cappuccino.

Made my sister a cup of decaf. cappuccino this morning. Cream/milk was substituted with organic soy milk. Def. a healthier alternative! The best part of any cappuccino is the froth. I can drink a cup full of froth and be satisfied. Amazing how much froth you can get with soy milk! Topped w/ cocoa powder.  … More A Cup of Cappuccino.